Great Expectations

Oxford University Press, London, 1963
The World's Classics series, No 128

Great Expectations_12.jpg

If it hadn't been for the estuary, it quite probably wouldn't have crossed my mind to read Dickens – and I wouldn't have discovered what a great storyteller he is! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. Although the overall trajectory seemed somewhat predictable, not having seen any of the screen adaptions and thus being blissfully ignorant about the plot, I was caught by surprise by its twists and turns. 

This edition is rather nice in itself, too – the 1960's equivalent to the Kindle – condensing the three volumes of its first edition into something marginally larger than a stack of 3 iPhones, printed on prayerbook-type paper. 

I tried, but struggled to square Pip's marshes with those of today though; it may well be that I've only been out there in too fair weather. Maybe I should pick a miserable day in November one day to head out to the Hoo, when the noises heard through the fog might well be the rattling chains of the prison hulks... 

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