Saltsick / Lament

12 Days Mapping the Thames Estuary

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            the tidal susurrus beckons

radial traceries subside

in dusks dim glow

                                    a lace recital

silt hoard

alluvium echoes

                                     encrusted murmurs

                                                           laminated in the murk


- - - 

Words and images © Guy Dickinson
Jason Orton was kind enough to introduce me to Guy's fascinating work, which includes the above series on the Thames Estuary. The photographs are of an intriguing abstractness – satellite images, cross sections through the riverbed, lichen growing on concrete seawalls, all come to mind, but it's almost the closer one tries to examine the images for clues, the further they retreat. Paired with the highly evocative estuarine place names images and words conjure up a world of their own, below the surface of the immediately visible. 

His website tracing silence features more of his work, sometimes similarly abstract, sometimes more representational, but all atmospherically very dense, including a fascinating series on moor mill pits. 

Tracing Silence